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By having regularly scheduled maintenance performed, you are actually saving money in the long run.


Maintaining your home’s systems and appliances wards off emergency situations and costly repairs while extending your equipment’s life. Take the time and money to perform general maintenance on a regular basis. Many of the maintenance services require the knowledge, skills, and tools of a professional. During the maintenance or service call, our technician will make any necessary repairs and/or alert you of a possible situation.


Meet Our Maintenance program!

  • Outdoor coil will be maintained for heat transfer loss

  • Fans will be inspected and cleaned

  • Refrigerant checked for proper charge to assure no leaks

  • Exposed ductwork will be checked for leaks

  • Thermostat will be checked and calibrated as required

  • Bearing and motors will be lubricated as required

  • Controls and safeties will be tested as need

  • Drain will be checked

  • Crank case heater checked for proper operation

  • Relays and conductors will be inspected

  • Unit wiring and electrical disconnect will be inspected

  • Humidifiers operation will be checked, where applicable

  • Temperatures and pressures will be recorded

  • Indoor coils will be inspected

  • Air filters will be replaced

  • Furnish inspection report & advise of any abnormal conditions

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