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Commercial & Contracts

We offer Customize quarterly and annually preventive maintenance commercial maintenance contracts in Las Vegas Nevada Maintaining your commercial equipment helps extend the life of your equipment, offers improved capacity to older unit’s lower utility bills and leads to fewer repairs. Preventive maintenance plays a key factor in keeping your HVAC equipment at its optimal performance level. Our commercial service always includes the following precision Preventive maintenance procedures:

Atlantic air will customize your commercial service according to the specific type of commercial equipment you have.  We can perform an on-site inspection in order to give you an accurate proposal for service.



1. Lubricate Motors.

2. Adjust controls if needed.

3. Adjust combustion air to burners.

4. Check fan belts.

5. Change filters, standard pleated filters included.

6. Check air temperature rise.

7. Check wiring & connections.

8. Clean burners.

9. Check for gas leaks in the furnace.

10. Check heat exchanger for cracks.

11. Check the performance of the system.

12. Check heat strips.

13. Check heat pump in heating mode.

14. Check heat pump in defrost.

15. Clean the heat exchanger.



1.Lubricate motors

2. Check fan belts

3. Change filters, standard pleated filters included.

4. Check evaporator air temperatures

5. Check wiring & connections.

6. Check refrigerant charge.

7. Check operating pressures.

8. Check voltage and AMP draw.

9. Clean condensate line.

10. Check the performance of the system.

11. Check contactor points.

12. Check pressure switches.

13. Clean condenser coil.

14. Check temperature differential.

15. Clean evaporator coil.


* *Evaporator cleaning is included. In the event the coil is plugged and needs to be removed, additional labor will be charged with a discount.
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